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The high performance technology platform for multi-channel data sourcing in medical science.

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Your central access to clinical data

Clinical research undergoes rapid changes, driven by digitalization, big data analytics and machine learning. Yet we stay focused on the baseline: valid data - in digital formats. Created in extensive scopes and bandwidths, in many formats, collected from a huge variety of sources.


Dynamic data capture in a highly customized and user-friendly environment


Several ready-for-action functionalities developed by best practice


Consistent data capture and processing via mobile devices at the point of experience


Simple integration of additional data sources and third-party technologies via established interfaces


One Platform for your Study

Integrating multiple data sources and functionalities into clinical studies is the purpose of Alcedis Platforms™. What can be imagined is build into one piece. The REST-API interface of Alcedis Platforms™ is the key to integrate and align our own and third-party solutions into the Alcedis ecosystem.

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Flexible, intuitive and secure

  • Starting with a complex protocol or a simple vision, we are the experts to deliver a custom-built eCRF within short set-up times
  • Creating powerful and disruptive research environments since we launched Germany's first eCRF in 1998
  • Innovative user interfaces and databases safely hosted via our in-house cloud computing center in Germany
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Best of Class for Maximum Synergy

  • Robust off-the-shelf extensions for the most common and important processes
  • Reduced set-up timelines and maximum cost efficiency
  • Benefit from our experience in digitalizing workflows
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Extend your Platform to any Mobile Device

  • Simple recording of study data for participants in clinical studies (e.g. Quality of Life Data)
  • Completion of important tasks such as editing forms or calling up reports on mobile devices
  • Current information on relevant performance indicators and study progress for project managers
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