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Patients are the center of our work. Patients are the origin of data for science. Patients are mobile.

Patients are Mobile.

Alcedis mobile allows consistent data capture on mobile devices at the point of experience. Alcedis Platforms™ can fully integrate a wide range of lifestyle wearables, professional medical devices, patient apps for smartphones and various ePROs. Applications are delivered in responsive design and can be displayed on nearly any device, such as smartphones or tablets.


Alcedis is experienced with licensing and technical realization of the most common questionnaires and surveys in electronic formats. Data can be entered by patients on tablets provided by Alcedis to study sites or on patient smartphones directly. This process avoids time delays as shipping of paper questionnaires is no longer required, it improves data quality by direct validation and the acceptance for ePROs is very high within the majority of patients.

  • Save time with validated real time data capture
  • Reduce costs as manual double data entry is no longer required

Patient Apps

Opportunities for mobile data capture surround us, as patients widely use mobile devices. There already exists a myriad of validated applications to realize mobile data capture. From therapy management to patient-physician-communication we integrate apps to support your trial. We have for example an out-of-the box solution to empower patient retention by automated notifications. Or you could motivate patients through means of gamification. Smartphones are your gateway for data sourcing!

  • Unlock new data by integrating additional data sources
  • Involve and motivate patients by giving them mobile access


Closely accompany patients on their journey with a broad range from lifestyle wearables to professional medical devices. Smartwatches or bracelets can be used for tracking physical activity, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, sleep behavior and much more. Most modern medical devices allow transferring data via an interface and easily back-up study results. Use cases are permanent glucose monitoring, medical-grade Electrocardiogram, COPD inhaler management and more.

  • Add attraction with a modern study-setup
  • Keep on track with your patients

Responsive Design

Alcedis applications render on a variety of devices and screen sizes due to responsive web design, making nearly any study available on smartphones and tablets.

  • Maximum flexibility in the users choice of devices
  • Allows documentation "on-the-fly"

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