Alcedis Integrations

Streamline data capture at the point of experience: Reflect all relevant processes of data- , safety - and site management, clinical operations and logistics in one single system.

The story of Alcedis Platforms™ is about integrations.

With Alcedis Platforms™ we have created an ecosystem that allows standardized and harmonized data exchange via REST-API. A unique and versatile ecosystem where Alcedis applications and third party services, solutions and data sources unify within one study. One platform to successfully manage clinical studies.

Data sourcing examples

  • Electronic Health and Medical Records (EMR/EHR)
  • Patient Apps
  • Wearables and Medical Devices
  • Big Data projects and Data Warehouses

Data handling and trial administration examples

  • Clinical Trial and Document Management Systems (CTMS, eTMF etc.)
  • Laboratory services and sample management
  • Pharmacy services and drug accountability
  • AI-based medical image processing
  • Data visualization and AI-based data analytics
  • Trial administration services like remuneration, eSignatures and much more.

Technical Facts

  • Highly scalable and configurable gateway
  • Standardized REST API for easy data exchange
  • Detailed service endpoint specifications for external provider allowing independant integration
  • Improved performance using optimization mechanisms for each API request
  • Improved service performance by providing scalable request endpoints via Load Balancer
  • Single Sign-On mechanism for centralized application access

Unlimited additional data points


Following all established standards


Secure integrations of third party services and solutions


High performance data exchange

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