Dr. Elke Heidrich-Lorsbach
CEO & Co-founder
Dr. Heidrich-Lorsbach received her Doctorate of Nutrition from the department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Giessen and has spent her entire career working in life science organizations. With a scientific background in biochemistry and extensive experience in the complex clinical trials environment in Europe, Dr. Heidrich-Lorsbach provides advice at the set-up of clinical trials in the clinical product development.
Michael Lorsbach
CEO & Co-founder
Mr. Lorsbach holds a diploma in engineering from the University of Applied Science in Giessen. Ever since the founding of Alcedis, he has been the driving force when it came to implementing new technologies and the continuous search for innovations that can support digitalizing health care research.
Hanno Härtlein
CEO & Head of Business Development
Mr. Härtlein holds a diploma of molecular biology from the University of Frankfurt am Main and has 8 years of experience various aspects with the clinical trial environment and specializes in business development. Mr. Härtlein is familiar with global issue management and strategy development, as well as managing, inspiring and leading multidisciplinary teams. Since May 2018, Mr. Hanno Härtlein has been a member of the management board.
Andreas Gareiß
Head of IT
Mr. Gareiß holds a diploma in computer science from University of Applied Science in Giessen and has worked at Alcedis GmbH since September 2009. Mr. Gareiß has over 11 years of experience in developing software, system administration, project management and team leading. He is the head of a fast growing and dynamic IT department at Alcedis.
Dr. Firat Gökcen
Head of Pharmacovigilance
Dr. Gökcen has a PhD in biology from Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen. After gaining experiences as a Drug Safety Associate he pursued his career at Alcedis by establishing the Functional Unit ‘Pharmacovigilance’ in 2013 and has been the head of the functional unit since then.
Dr. Ina Santjer-Schnabel
Head of Quality Assurance/Data Privacy/Compliance
Dr. Santjer-Schnael holds a diploma of oecotrophology and a PhD of Philosophy from the University of Giessen. She started as a clinical research associate and project manager at Alcedis in 2000. Since 2017 Dr. Santjer-Schnabel has been the head of Quality Assurance/Data Privacy/Compliance.
Dr. Christine Windemuth-Kieselbach
Head of Biometry
Dr. Windemuth-Kieselbach has a PhD in agricultural sciences from University of Hohenheim and holds a diploma in mathematics from the Technical University of Aachen. After working in the area of genetics she came to Alcedis in 2007 and helped to build up the biometry department. Ms. Windemuth-Kieselbach is involved in early study consulting, i.e. she helps to define the endpoints and calculates the sample size, as well as in the statistical analyses and reporting the results.
Diana Zanger
Head of Front Office/Support
Ms. Zanger has a commercial training diploma and joined Alcedis in 2002. With many years of experience in organizing and planning at Alcedis, Ms. Zanger is very often the first contact and exchange of communication with employees and customers.