January 29, 2015 – Students from THM Giessen visit Alcedis GmbH

Under the headline “Introduction to Systematic Software Testing” approximately 20 students together with Professor Wüst, visited Alcedis in Europaviertel in Giessen.
One of the founders and CEOs Dr. Elke Heidrich-Lorsbach gave an introductory lecture about the company’s orientation as well as its entrepreneurial strengths by the software solutions developed in the field of clinical research. A follow-up speech by department head Dr. Marina Mangold dealt with the internal interface between the medical departments and IT. The conclusion was the presentation by Mr. Dirk Aevermann, an experienced software developer, who presented details of the software testing procedures in the company. Here the students were able to hear how the methods in the lecture were actually used in practice.


Alcedis offers graduates an attractive work place but also regularly provides places for internships or temporary jobs in the IT environment.