March 19, 2015 – Astrid Eibelshäuser and Sabine Wilken visit Alcedis in Europaviertel, Giessen

Prior to the “Girl’s Day” on April 23, city councilor Astrid Eibelshäuser and the head of Department for Economic Promotion of the City of Giessen, Sabine Wilken-Görich, visited the “Alcedis Clinical Research – it Solutions” in Europaviertel, Giessen. Alcedis has been involved in “Girl’s Day” for many years. This special day is about inspiring girls for “MINT” – ie, the areas of mathematics, computer science, science and technology.


Companies should be aware of the current and future need for skilled workers and if possible help provide the necessary skills. To improve basic training: Alcedis GmbH is mainly looking for specialists in the field of informatics. The managing directors, Dr. Elke Heidrich-Lorsbach and Michael Lorsbach, emphasized the need to improve basic school education. Girls, according to Heidrich-Lorsbach, are “unfortunately underrepresented” in the field of computer science. This is why “Girl’s Day” is a great idea.


“There will be a lot going on in the field of computer science in the near future, so we need to stay up to date in Germany in order to be able to compete internationally,” said Michael Lorsbach. This includes the company’s new plans in the immediate area of its current office building. Eibelshäuser and Wilken-Görich expressed their support and were glad that the company wanted to expand its Europaviertel site.


Alcedis now employs more than 100 people, of which more than 100 are at the Giessen site and another nine in the Hamburg office. An additional office will be opened soon on the east coast of the USA. Alcedis was founded in 1992 by Michael Lorsbach and Elke Heidrich-Lorsbach in Giessen. As an independent contract research organization (CRO), it offers a full service CRO portfolio for clinical research, clinical trials, medical device studies and health care research.


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