May 10, 2016 – What’s your next move? Using activity tracker and other wearables in clinical studies.

Wearables can detect and track a broad range of bio sensory data. It starts with basic, externally captured information like body temperature, heart rate or simply counting the steps you make. More advanced systems are able to measure your blood oxygen, blood glucose or even the blood level of active pharmaceutical components. Captured data can simply be transferred to smartphones and as such directly into a clinical trial database – in real time! This is an important feature to allow healthcare professionals to directly monitor patient data.


Alcedis has taken over a leading role amongst German CROs combining classical CRO Services and IT Solutions. Consequently we have successfully performed various studies integrating wearables. Most recently we just completed the recruitment for a study in Northern America that has equipped patients with FITBIT® Tracker to determine the change of their physical performance in the
course of their treatment.

Wearables are just one technical highlight amongst many other eTOOLS that can be integrated into a clinical study.


And now – what’s your next move?