October 9, 2015 – Gießen – Hamburg – New York City! Alcedis Goes West and opens first office in the USA

Thanks to the ever-growing number of projects in Northern America, the Alcedis Inc. was founded this year in the US and recently an office in Manhattan was opened. The team in New York, consisting of project manager, study administrator and clinical research associates will be in charge of the Alcedis projects in the US and in Canada. They will be strongly supported by their German colleagues from the core business units which are still located centrally in Gießen such as Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, IT Solutions and Biometrics. The activities in Northern America are not only focusing on those major pharmaceutical manufacturers which are already closely connected to Alcedis due to many years of ongoing cooperation’s, but also smaller US biotechnology companies that are aiming for new markets in Europe and particularly in Germany.