January 5, 2015 – Alcedis GmbH fund raising game generates 3.000 Euros!

Again the fundraiser game was played diligently this year and plenty of donations were generated.  With the idea of “you play and win – we donate” our website visitors had fun playing games whilst generating funds and finally decide to which profit organization Alcedis GmbH will donate those profits. Several hundred participants have played together and generated 1,547 Euros which were rounded up by Alcedis GmbH onto 3.000 Euros. The recipients were: Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V., Ärzte ohne Grenzen, Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung, Greenpeace, Hospiz-Verein Gießen e.V, Kinderhospiz Bärenherz, Kinderhospiz Löwenherz, NABU, UNICEF, WWF. We say „Thank you!“ to all participants and wish all of us a successful year!