July 1, 2013 – The new logo of Alcedis

The past few years have seen many changes for our company: Continuously growing staff, stronger presence on foreign markets, our thriving global partner network, groundbreaking software innovations and last but not least our new company building in Gießen’s Europaviertel [European Quarter] and the establishment of a new branch office in Hamburg. To reflect these changes, the brand Alcedis has now also undergone optical changes: a new company logo plus a fresh look for our internet presence.

The common kingfisher’s scientific name Alcedo atthis was the inspiration for our company name when the company was founded. Alcedis’s headquarters in Gießen are surrounded by wide expanses of green and water. The kingfisher is a frequent sight there and can now also be found in our new company logo.

We will, however, stick with the colours yellow and red that still – just like in the old logo – represent Alcedis’s core competencies: The close interaction between CRO Services & Software Development!