Our mission is to take a pioneer role in the revolution of digitalizing healthcare research.
At Alcedis we believe that a strong corporate identity founded in our core values are crucial to our success and this is reflected in all relationship we are engaged in. As an organization, partner and employer we trust and believe in being; accountable, efficient and transparent!
We will continue to improve and adapt the quality of our services as well as the quality of our business to future challenges in order to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, lasting partnerships with vendors, and healthy growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.



Januar 1

25 year anniversary

In 2017, Alcedis is celebrating 25 years of experience with CRO services!

Oktober 9

New branch office in New York

Thanks to the growing number of projects in North America, the Alcedis Inc. was founded this year in the US and recently opened an office in Manhatten. The team in New York will be in charge of the Alcedis projects in the US and in Canada.

Dezember 31

Over 100 employees

At the end of 2014 Alcedis now has 104 employees.

Dezember 17

Hamburg office moves

Our colleagues in Hamburg moved location from Altona to a new and more modern office at Notkestraße 7 in Hamburg Bahrenfeld.

Juli 1

New logo

To reflect the changes and continuous growth of the company Alcedis created a new logo. The kingfisher bird, Alcedo Atthis together with the old company colors red and yellow will in the future represent Alcedis.

Oktober 9

New headquarter in Giessen

Alcedis celebrates the grand opening of a new company headquarter with an exciting scientific program together with clients, employees and city representatives.

Mai 1

New branch office in Hamburg

10 employees moved into the new office rooms located in the heart of Altona in Hamburg.

Juni 26

Alcedis moved into Gießsener Europaviertel

The company moved from Alten-Buseck into the „Technologie-  Innovations- und Gründerzentrum (TIG)“ in the Gießener Europaviertel.

September 26

Becomes limited liability company

Alcedis now has 12 employees in Gießen, Germany and  is turned into a limited liability company.

Mai 22

First web-based study

Alcedis conducted the first Study in Germany that is web-based only.

Juni 9

Dr. Elke Heidrich-Lorsbach and Michael Lorsbach founded the company

Alcedis was founded and was orginally named „Dr. Elke Heidrich-Lorsbach und Michael Lorsbach Personengesellschaft“.